Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pointe North Motel - A Review

So I said last night that I'd talk about our lodging.  And I figure it is only fair to do a review of it, because it is so quirky.  Especially in light of its rating on Trip Advisor currently (three stars as of 6/12).  Because it deserves a better rating.

Grandma really wanted to stop traveling for the night.  So at a couple exits I was sent out to check out rates at the different motels, but all the chains were so darn expensive at $90-100 a night per room.  Giving up hope, we were driving past some abandoned local motels in Grayling, MI when there was actually one that was still open.  Point North Motel.  We pulled in and the outside was charming and clean and I was headed towards the office when a lady gardening waved me over.  Turned out she was the owner and she's kind of a jack of all trades around the place.

The Owner in front of the entrance to the
hallway and office.
For $70 a room we were able to obtain nice rooms with two beds a piece.  At this motel there are two different buildings, the front building with halls filled with memorabilia, newspaper clippings, and more (really bizarre but wonderful) and a back building who's rooms have their own little porch areas with chairs.  Stepping inside was like going to a grandma's house.  Very cozy, feminine, with knick knacks, wallpaper, and frilly pillows on the beds.  And they were quiet being in the back building.

Part of the inside hallways.

For exercise buffs there is no exercise room, but the bike trail is just a tiny walk down the street.  There's also no food (excepting a Pepsi machine near the office inside), but a whole billboard is dedicated to the local restaurants menus.  There is Wi-Fi, and both smoking and non-smoking rooms and cable tv including HBO.  So while it wasn't all inclusive, it gave you the resources to be that way and did have the standard amenities.

So a pleasant night's stay with no complaints from me.  I'd easily give this place five stars and stay again.   The owner said she wanted it to be home away from home, and it was like going for a visit to Grandma's.  Very nice.

To see the Trip Advisor page for this motel, click here.

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