Friday, June 21, 2013

Michigan 2013 Trip - Summary

Trip Summary:
Times Mom was attacked by a bear: 2
Times Melissa hugged a stranger: 2
Diner Breakfasts Eaten by all: 24
Lbs of Smoked Whitefish: 5
Horses on Mackinac: 400+
Jan's T-Shirt Purchases: 20
Grandma's Panic Attacks at 6pm for finding lodging: 7

Overall it was a great trip with lots to see and do.  And even better, we're all still talking to each other after being in close quarters for eight days!  Thanks for a great trip Grandma, Mom and Jan!


  1. Melissa,

    It was so kind of you to give us directions to Crisp Point Lighthouse when we met at Grand Sable Falls and Dunes. We are so very glad that you and your family had a wonderful Michigan adventure. We have read about your entire trip and are a bit envious about the things you saw which we didn't even know existed! We won't soon forget you. Thanks again, and I'm now sorry I couldn't have been your third "stranger", ha ha.

    Mike Lee and Family

  2. Hey Thanks!

    It was a wonderful time up there, unfortunately we didn't get back to the East Coast to see the lighthouse you mentioned and go Petoskey hunting, but there's always next trip! Glad to have met you and your family!


    1. Melissa, Here is the photo you took of us: